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Meet Le Malu

Le Malu_Inspo Dinner.jpg

Milan Sagato, Gloria Ta'ala, Shenna Frost, Verona Sagato-Mauga,

Chrystel Burgess-Magalei, Lita Sagato

We are cousins and sisters who have a strong desire to serve our people. We grew up together in Long Beach, CA , and eventually made our way to Utah. From a young age, our parents instilled in us the importance of service. We have personally witnessed how powerful the gift of service can be for our community and loved ones, and wish to continue it on for others. Between church callings, non-profit and community organizations, serving in municipal and state legislative capacities, and militarily, we have well over 50 years of experience in service. When we organized Le Malu, we did it with the intention to love, lift, and serve our people. Nothing more.

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